Early Electronic eCommerce Home Shopping Scene (photograph)

If you would like to start selling your goods & services online, you have come to the right place.

I’ve been passionate about eCommerce since the late 1990’s (to put this into perspective, Amazon Inc. officially launched in the UK in 1998).

Since then I’ve been helping businesses and individuals trade successfully online on local, national and international levels – depending on the target audience of the client in question.

Over the years I have gained a vast amount of “hands-on” experience with all of the following key aspects of eCommerce:

  • Strategic planning for clients – ensuring you “set up shop” on the most appropriate platform(s)
  • Integrating online shopping functionality on new or existing Websites
  • Enabling secure online payments by working with gateways such as PayPal, WorldPay, Stripe & SagePay
  • Creating product listings on the Amazon marketplace
  • Launching Ebay Shops and creating professional Ebay listing templates
  • In-depth analysis & reporting of online shop performance, using Google Analytics
  • The creation and meticulous editing of product images, brand logos and other graphics
  • In-depth shop configuration, to optimise rankings & performance on Google
  • Setup of Google Shopping adverts on Google AdWords & MicroSoft product advertising
  • Further external promotion of online shops via advertising on Facebook & Twitter

#Example: Savills Barbers Online Shop
#Example: Lovely Cosmetics

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