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Simon Mounsey Ltd are specialist publishers of a range of books, reports and other resources aimed at animal feed and pet food producers, vets and suppliers to those sectors.

As you will have seen by the name, there is a family connection at present here, in that Simon Mounsey (Managing Director) is one of my cousins! Based in Chesterfield, the company is a leading publisher in this niche sector – and Simon also offers his personal expertise, by way of additional consultancy services, in addition to the physical and digital publications now available to securely purchase online.


For many years prior to my involvement, Simon had successfully built and maintained the Website for his business entirely in-house, utilising his own I.T. skills in the process. This had worked well for a prolonged period, but the increasing importance of having a mobile-friendly Website and also a more modern User Experience (U/X) had resulted in his (static HTML) Website sliding down the all-important Google Rankings..

A big family gathering in 2017 presented Simon with the ideal opportunity to approach me about potentially revamping the Website (from the ground-up, but working largely with the same initial content). We had a brief chat, followed by a more lengthy and formal meeting to discuss his requirements.

The Project Development Process

Simon Mounsey Ltd (icon style logo)
I also remastered and redeveloped two versions of the company logo, as part of the project.

Top priorities earmarked during our meeting were a professional eCommerce experience for his existing and new customers, a responsive, mobile-friendly Website – and also the introduction of offering digital publications, to be securely purchased online. The latter was to be a first for Simon Mounsey Ltd – and something I relished, as it was the first time a client had approached me with this requirement.

The development process itself was swift (and at times very challenging – with a complex array of discounts and shipping methods both essential) – but the completed project launched slightly ahead of schedule, in February, 2018.

Additional on-going services and input from myself have already been discussed and I am looking forward to delivering these on a regular basis, over the coming months and beyond. Key areas of focus will be Search Engine Optimisation (reports), Google Analytics and more.

Simon Mounsey Ltd (main logo)

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