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Looking for the elusive 2nd (and final) Sub Sub album? Hopefully this page will help you find it...

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"Delta Tapes" - SubSub (doves)

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Featuring guest vocal appearances by Bernard Sumner (New Order) and Tricky.

"There's no-one more confused about what Sub Sub sound like than us... and I think that's a strength!"

-Jimi Goodwin.

Looking for Sub Sub's debut album? Click here for "Full Fathom Five" (featuring the hit single "Ain't No Love" and more!).

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Title "Delta Tapes"
Band SubSub (doves)
Catalogue # megap003cd
Year of release 1998

Fantastic 2nd and final studio album from Sub Sub - before they turned into "Doves". Along with the debut 10" Doves release "The Cedar EP", this remains one of the hardest to find collectable releases for the band - and as if that wasn't enough, this is one superb album!

Featuring guest vocal performances from Bernard Sumner of New Order (on "This Time I'm Not Wrong") and Tricky (on "Smoking Beagles") plus an early version of "Firesuite".

  1. Crunch
  2. This Time I'm Not Wrong
    feat. Bernard Sumner (New Order)
  3. Lost in Watts
  4. Jaggernath
  5. Firesuite**
  6. Smoking Beagles
    feat. Tricky
  7. Clear Blue Water
  8. Heads Will Roll
  9. Past

** Different to the version on "Lost Souls"

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SubSub / Delta Tapes.

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